(Rochester) - State Senator Carla Nelson released the following statement after out-raising her primary opponent and being selected for the NRCC Young Guns program:

The Carla Nelson campaign is excited to announce out-raising her primary opponent by two-to-one. Receiving support from so many across the district, it is clear Carla's record of strong conservative leadership and delivering results is resonating with the people of Minnesota. Carla will be the candidate who can win in November and put this seat back into Republican hands. 

"We are proud to be recognized and selected for inclusion in the National Republican Congressional Committee’s Young Gun program. It is a reflection of the tremendous support that this campaign has generated in just a few short months, reflected by the nearly $220,000 raised from over 500 donors, 95% of these donations coming from Minnesotans, and out-raising my opponent by more than two-to-one in her first quarter of the campaign."