Response to Governor Dayton's "State of the State" Address

As you may or may not know, Governor Mark Dayton gave his final "State of the State" address this evening. After 40 years in elected office, this was Governor Dayton's final major address. Though we disagree on many things, he has given many years in service to our great state and I would like to thank him for serving Minnesota and conducting himself as a statesman. With Governor Dayton's time as governor coming to an end, I look forward to electing a Republican governor this November to partner with our legislative majorities and the conservative reforms that they will be able to enact together.

Now that Governor Dayton has given his speech, I wanted to tell you about the conservative legislation that we have passed in the past year and are fighting for in St. Paul today, often in spite of Governor Dayton.

$650 Million in Tax Cuts
Last year, I was proud to be a vocal advocate for the $650 million in tax relief that we were able to provide to Minnesota families and small businesses.

This year, we are fighting to simplify our tax code in Minnesota to help put even more money back in the pockets of hardworking Minnesotans.

$300 Million in Infrastructure Investment
Last year, we fought for, and got, $300 million in new infrastructure spending without having to raise the gas tax in Minnesota, which is already higher than it is in half of the country.

This year, we are advocating for even more investment in Minnesota's infrastructure, including funding to complete the Highway 14 project, which is a vital thoroughfare that connects all of us here in Minnesota's 1st District.

Conservative Health Care Reforms
Last year, we passed legislation that lowered health care premiums for 98% of Minnesotans after the failure of Obamacare and MNsure in our state. I have personally been an advocate for innovations in healthcare that will allow all Minnesotans to better afford healthcare and get better access to care.

 This year, we will continue to fight to provide more choices in health care, increase transparency, and allow the incredibly talented people of Minnesota to continue to innovate to provide better care for us all. 

Protecting Our Most Vulnerable
Last year, our budget took serious steps to address the opioid crisis that has affected so many Minnesotans.

 This year, we are renewing our focus to help those that are dealing with addiction. I will be fighting to provide resources to support prevention and treatment for those that are struggling.

After the recent school shooting in Florida, I also authored a bill that will provide funding to make our schools safer. Every school is different and I want to empower those who know their students and school best to take the steps that they know the need to take to keep our children safe.

 Almost every day on the campaign trail and in St. Paul, I get asked one of my favorite questions to answer, "how do we know that you'll support the conservative Republican agenda when you get to Washington?"

It's a great question that everyone should ask the candidates hoping to represent them, and my answer is simple, "because the Republican agenda in Washington is the same conservative agenda that I have fought for in Minnesota!"

I have fought for and championed tax cuts, infrastructure investment, making healthcare more affordable for regular Minnesotans, and taking care of our most vulnerable, like those battling opioid addiction and ensuring the safety of our children at school. Our agenda, my agenda, is the same agenda as our Republican Congress in Washington, and I have already cast my votes in St. Paul for the policies I am telling you I want to enact, and I can't wait to do the same in Washington.