While in the state legislature, Carla was the first legislator to refuse to take pay during a budget impasse and in Washington Carla will fight for much-needed reforms like "No Budget, No Pay" legislation that would prevent our lawmakers from getting paid to do their job while neglecting their core responsibility of setting and managing our nation's federal budget. Having served in the Minnesota legislature, Carla also knows that it is, in fact, possible for a government to present and pass a balanced budget, and in Congress, she will support and fight for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution.

tax reform

While in the state legislature, Carla opposed the state’s largest tax increase, led the charge to make Minnesota’s tax system fairer, and fought to lower taxes on small local businesses. Additionally, Carla led the charge to lower property taxes for local business owners and farmers and led the effort to successfully reduce the MN estate tax. Carla also worked to successfully end the double tax on social security benefits.

Health care

Carla is dedicated to keeping Minnesota’s gold standard for high quality and accessible health care. She helped pass the Alzheimer’s Research & Support Act and Excellence in Mental Health Act to provide cost-effective programs and services to these critical health care needs. If elected to Congress, Carla will fight to repeal and replace Obamacare and its job-killing regulations and skyrocketing premiums.

Make Government Work FOR YOU

Carla is focused on putting the people of Minnesota above the partisan politics of Washington. In the state legislature, Carla introduced reform to improve transparency in the House and Senate. In Congress, Carla will fight against the gridlock and work with anyone to get results for Minnesota’s 1st District. Carla is also committed to supporting term limits legislation in Congress to help weed out corruption and keep our elected leaders connected to the districts they represent.

The granddaughter of farmers, Carla saw the struggles that our farming communities face firsthand. In the state legislature, Carla has been a champion of Southern Minnesota's farmers, fighting back against environmental red tape that would put bureaucrats between farmers and their crops, fighting against government infringements on the property rights of farmers and reforming our tax code to help our farmers keep more of their hard-earned money. In Congress, Carla will continue to fight to keep government out of Minnesota's farms to let our farmers farm.


Carla understands after serving our country, veterans deserve support services that they can count on and shouldn’t be concerned with taxes destroying their hard-earned pension. While in the legislature, Carla has championed legislation to end the taxation of military pensions and she will continue the fight to end double taxation of social security benefits to help Minnesota’s seniors.


Carla sponsored legislation to expand and improve airport safety to meet new federal requirements and keep the international designation at Rochester’s airport.


energy & the environment

Carla will work to keep energy dependable and affordable while protecting our planet.


Carla boldly supported the largest transportation funding package in our state’s history, which made much-needed improvements to roads and bridges in Greater Minnesota without raising taxes or fees. If elected, Carla will prioritize our current infrastructure needs and work with the local government to prepare for the future.


As the daughter of two educators and a former elementary and middle school teacher, Carla understands the importance of a quality education. She was the chief author of critical funding for the Rochester Reading Center and she championed reforms to make college more affordable, lower college debt, and empower students to graduate earlier while preparing them for future jobs.