On the Issues

Reducing Taxes and Inflation

Carla brought people together to create historic tax-relief to help Minnesotans combat crushing inflation including eliminating the tax on social security benefits, cutting income tax rates, property tax relief and tax credits to help families afford childcare and education expenses.

family with Carla
law enforcement officers and Carla

Supporting Safe Communities/Fighting Crime

Carla championed support for more good police officers and tougher sentences for repeat violent offenders. She authored successful Safe School Aid.

Working to improve Healthcare access, quality, and affordability

Carla is a watchdog for patient centered high quality healthcare. Carla fought to protect consumers against surprise billing to help hold down premiums. She championed the landmark mental health bill to make mental healthcare more accessible. She is committed to funding wage increases for direct support professionals in group homes and long-term care facilities.

man with cane and Carla

Supporting Excellence in Education

Carla delivered significant school funding with reforms and supports to help kids read and catch up from learning loss. She knows parents are the first and most influential teachers and has long been an advocate for parental involvement in education.

Protecting Our Environment

Carla is committed to protecting our environment and received the Environment Legislator of Distinction Award by the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities for her focus on scientific driven environmental policy.

farmer talking to Carla

Funding Transportation

Carla supported essential funding for roads and bridges including new funding for township roads. She helped pass the expansion of Highway 14 and is dedicated to securing a full and safe intersection at its County 44 junction.