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Transcript:  This fall wouldn’t you like to vote for someone, someone you want in office. Carla Nelson is a candidate you can trust and she works for you.  Carla believes in bipartisan cooperation and she has been endorsed by business and labor, agricultural, public safety and health care groups.  Carla is a candidate you can endorse too.  Vote for Carla Nelson for Senate.  A candidate you can feel good about voting for.  Hi I’m Carla Nelson and I approved this message.  Paid for by Carla Nelson for Senate.

Transcript:  Hi I’m Senator Carla Nelson. I believe as Minnesotans we can come together to get things done. I know it’s possible because as your state senator I worked with Democrats and Republicans to achieve results for our communities. Like strengthening our economy, improving our schools, supporting veterans, and holding government accountable. I’m State Senator Carla Nelson and I ask for your vote to set partisanship aside and to build a brighter future together. Paid for by Nelson for Senate.

Transcript:  Aren’t you sick of all the negative political ads. I’m Joe Powers, an independent voter and small business owner. You may have heard a last minute radio ad making outrageous claims about State Senator Carla Nelson. Don’t believe the lies and the distortions. Carla Nelson has run a positive campaign we can be proud of. She’s endorsed by the Minnesota Medical Association MedPAC and she’s a strong independent voice for us. On Tuesday, leave the negative campaigning behind and vote for Carla Nelson for State Senate. Paid for by Nelson for Senate.

Transcript:  Hi! I’m Carla Nelson. I hear over and over that people are ready for Election Day to come and end the negative campaigning. I’m disappointed that it was even used against me. But as always I have pledged and have run a positive issue based campaign, focused on bringing people together to get things done rather than political point scoring. I ask for your vote to continue to serve and make a positive difference for you.  Paid for by Nelson for Senate.


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